P Adams & Daughter French Polishing

Welcome to P Adams & Daughter French Polishing

We provide a fast and efficient restoration service for our clients, undertaking Private and Trade Commissions, as well as Insurance Work and Valuations

Patrick Adams started this French Polishing business over 50 years ago in Montpelier Hill, Dublin 7.

Today the same traditional methods are all still practised by the company at our new Ballyfermot premises. They are now combined with new materials and techniques which afford even greater protection to furniture in our modern and greener environments.

The business is now run by Paddy’s daughter Audrey Adams along with Mark Hughes and a team of other specialist polishers, restorers, gilders and upholsterers.

Adams are a small, well-established firm with over fifty years’ experience in providing a quality service in this select profession.

We have a wide variety of clients, commercial, corporate and private, involving work on a plethora of disparate projects, which finds us doing anything from polishing antique furniture to polishing modern hotel and pub interiors, revamping kitchens to restoring the doors on Dublin’s famous Christchurch Cathedral.

Our services are tailored to your specific needs and budget, be that touching up damaged woodwork, to the hand-polishing of jaded antiques and surfaces.

We have a long association with the sympathetic restoration and preservation of many of Dublin’s landmark period buildings (as listed under our Clients Section,) where original panelling, staircases, doors and libraries have thankfully escaped the whims of change.

We are called to visit these periodically and attend to scuff marks, scratches, water and heat marks or minor damage, most of which can be dealt with on site.

We provide a fast and efficient restoration service for our clients, undertaking Private and Trade Commissions, as well as Insurance Work and Valuations.

We do it all!

  • French polishing

  • staining

  • reviving

  • gilding

  • distressing

  • graining

  • colouring

  • spraying or re-finishing


This is where we undertake all hand polishing, spraying and wood finishing projects.
The large space allows us to cater for large panels and doors as well as smaller individual jobs. This is a specially controlled environment, which produces top quality paint finish applications with optimum drying and curing for a great finish.
We recognise that one size doesn’t fit all. Each piece/project will warrant different work and finish.
To this end we have two distinct areas to our workshop – the high vol area and high quality area.
We appreciate that, whilst many customers would like a bespoke and truly perfect hand polished finish on all items, on some pieces the cost of such intensive labour and care cannot be justified.
Our high vol area allows us to turn out large quantities of chairs, frames and panels etc.
Our high quality area meanwhile allows our personnel the space and time to achieve hand-polished work and finishes for higher grade pieces.